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About Dr. Erin Oksol

Dr. Erin Oksol is a high performance business coach, psychologist, professional speaker, and 4x best-selling author. She is the founder of Success with Dr. Erin Coaching and Consulting.

Her mission is helping business owners/entrepreneurs turn their passions into profits, creating massive impact doing what they love. She recently was named one of the Top 20 Most Powerful Women in Nevada and earned the award of Saleswoman of The Year by the Professional Saleswomen of Nevada.

With 15 years and over 15,000 hours of clinical experience as a psychologist and coach, she brings her expertise in human behavior and change to help others go from where they are to where they want to be...and create a business and life they are obsessed with! She is married to Garth and has three children, Grace, Emily, and Zachary.

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